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The system cannot find the file specified





Error message

[X/Y] [Error][New File] File="D:\Data\Documents\Document.docx" Error="The system cannot find the file specified."
[BackupSetCmd.uploadBackupFiles][] Error=Path "C:\users\admin\Documenten\docs.docx" does not exist!


This means that during the startup of the backup the files were found but when the backup reached the upload they were no longer available / corrupt / inaccessible.
This usually indicates a problem with the Volume Shadow copy Service.


Option 1: Insufficient space
Check the Windows event logger, in the application log there should messages about VSS at the time of the backup.
It is possible that the reserved space for shadow copies is to small causing Windows to clean up the copies prior to the backup using them to upload files.
In this case, change the shadowcopy size:

From within an administrator account open the command prompt. (Start + R > cmd)
To view lists existing volume shadow copies type or paste the following command then press enter:

vssadmin list shadows

Displays all shadow copy storage associations on the system and their size:

vssadmin list shadowstorage

The “vssadmin resize shadowstorage” command can be used to resize the storage area.
Here’s a example of the command used to resize the shadow storage area on the C:\ partition to a maximum size of 6 GB’s.

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /For=C: /On=C: /MaxSize=6GB

Note: As soon as you disable/enable SR, the original values will be back.

Option 2: VSS Errors
In case there are VSS-Errors in the Windows event log it might be necessary to re-register all VSS parts.
See KB Article VSS on how to do this

Option 3: No VSS
It is also possible to not use the VSS/Volume Shadowcopy Service.
The drawback of this is that open files can no longer be backupped; they will produce a 'file in use' message in the logs.
  1. Open the software
  2. Go to the backupset settings (cog)
  3. Select the correct backupset
  4. Go to the tab 'Options'
  5. Uncheck the 'Enable Volume Shadow Copy'
  6. Click OK, Save the settings and close the software

Option 4: Damage
Try accessing the file trough the Windows explorer, if this doesn't work and there is no program blocking access the file might be corrupt.
Start a disk check, a restart of the machine might be required to do this.

Option 5: Access
This could be related to Windows access rights but usually when the file can be indexed it can also be read.
  • Check if there is no security software blocking access to the file
  • If required, supply the Windows credentials in the software.