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Hoe do I restore a local copy on a different computer


7.9 and higher


You made a local copy using the software but the original computer is no more and now you want to restore data on a different computer.


The restore button in the main window only applies is the situation is the same, which it often isn't when a new computer is involved.
Via the Utilities tile you can restore a local copy on a different computer.
OBM V7 Main window
Using the 4th option "Decrypt Backup Data" you can indicate where the local copy is located and what temporary directory should be used for the restore.
OBM V7 Help descrypt
  1. Choose the blocks directory of the backup set you want to restore
    • e.g. E:\LocalCopyV7\1536757106917\blocks
  2. Choose the temporary directory
    • The software will copy the data to the temporary directory to decode and combine delta's, pick a place with enough free space for this.
  3. Click Decrypt to start the process
  4. In the next screen you can select which data should be restored
    OBM V7 Help restore choice
  5. The last choice is where the data should be restored to (destination).
    OBM V7 Help restore target
  6. Click Restore to get your data back
 Depending on the amount of data and the settings it might take a while...
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