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Replace the software client's ROOT certificates




5.5 - 6.29

Error Message

The backup no longer works and the client gives a timeout on connecting to the backup server.


We use Sectigo (formerly Comodo) for our HTTPS certificates.
Sectigo's ROOT certificate expired after 20 years on: "Saturday 30 May 2020 at 7am Eastern".
The backup server ROOT certificates have been replaced, but the client ROOT certificates have yet to be replaced.


We have a script which does the steps below automatically assuming that the Mindtime Backup software is in Program Files.
(white label partners will have to edit the script by entering their software name)

Manual steps

  1. Download the updated cacerts file: cacerts_83211.zip
  2. Extract the zip and place the "cacerts" file in the Pro or PC installation folder JVM > LIB > SECURITY subdirectory.
    Windows: C:\Program Files\Mindtime Pro Backup\jvm\lib\security\
    Linux: /usr/local/obm/jvm/lib/security/
  3. Overwrite the existing "cacerts" file.
  4. Restart the Scheduler service.
  5. Now the HTTPS connection should work again.

Optionally you can convert the connection to HTTP: How do I change the server address or protocol. But because of security we advise against this.

If you ever do a new or reinstall of version 6 software you will have to repeat the above steps


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