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How do I install the spk app on a Synology NAS

Operating system

Synology DSM 5.2 and higher


8.1 and higher


64bit Dual Core architecture or above
Due to the processing power required for compression, encryption, and delta generation. It is recommended the Synology NAS should be installed with dual core processors with sufficient memory. Intel processor is recommended over ARM.
What kind of CPU does my Synology NAS have?

Memory (RAM)
Minimum: 512 MB
Recommended: 1 GB or more


Download the installation file

  1. Go to the backup server where the account has been created. (e.g. backup09.mindtime.nl)
  2. Click the download icon (Download icon) on the top right
  3. Download the Mindtime Pro Backup Synology installation (.spk file)

Install the software on the NAS
After you've downloaded the spk file we can continue with the installation on the NAS

  1. Open the Package center settings and adjust the Trust level
    1. Allow installation of packages published by "Any Publisher" (after the installation this setting can be restored)
  2. Select "Manual Install"
    1. Select the recently downloaded spk file
  3. At the step "Please provide the URL and ports of the CBS" use the following values (e.g. https://backupXX.mindtime.nl:443?ownerid=11568) you can find these on the backup server:
    1. You can find the URL on the backup server where the account is created:
      Download (top right Download icon)
      "Mindtime Pro Backup" tab
      The URL can be found bottom left under Synology
    2. After the installation the software must be started trough the NAS menu
  4. In case you've offered the option for Demo or login please choose "Login"
  5. At the login screen select"Show advanced options" to provide the accounts server address
    1. HTTPS: server address (e.g. HTTPS backup09.mindtime.nl)
    2. Click OK
  6. Provide your backup account credentials to login
  7. The software is now installed and you can configure the backupsets
    1. Check the settings to make sure the "Scheduler" is enabled (this must be enabled)
    2. You can now restore the Package center trust level
It is wise to change the location of the temporary folder to a location on the physical disks
Stop scheduled backup
How you can stop the scheduled backup on the NAS can be found in the article: How do I stop the backup without a GUI
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